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Empowering Dreams, Igniting Futures: Your Gateway to IIT JEE and NEET Success!

At AARAMBH, we breathe passion into education, fueling students’ journeys toward triumph in India’s premier competitive exams. Committed to excellence, we blend cutting-edge pedagogy with a heartfelt focus on mental well-being, ensuring each student not only excels academically but also thrives emotionally. Unleash your potential with us.

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Crash Courses IIT JEE & NEET 2024

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Our Course Categories

Our course offerings are designed after detailed analysis of pain points and requirements of students and their parents. We have observed that the students are forced by some institutes to pay for the complete course despite the fact that they are offering good guidance in only one subject or sometimes in a few units of a subject. This creates a knowledge-gap, resulting in students and their parents looking for extra guidance/tuitions of a particular subject or unit

Foundation Courses

These courses helps aspirants become mentally and strategically strong when they start studying IIT JEE concepts and topics. We Offer courses from 8th Class onwards

Aarambh Target Courses

Our Flagship Courses for students in 11th, 12th and 12th pass students. We offer best faculty, material and learning environment to make student’s preparation journey as smooth as possible.

Comprehensive Courses

Designed for those who like to stay ahead of rest. In this course, student will start his IIT JEE & NEET preparation journey from 8th class only.

CBSE Courses

These 1-year courses are aligned with CBSE school curriculum and are aimed at enhancing performance at School

Customize Courses

These Courses will help a student, who need assistance in one subject, say physics only, by opting for our PHYSICS ONLY course. Above this, if a student is facing difficulty in a smaller unit, say Organic Chemistry, he/she can opt for our unit-wise course on Organic Chemistry!

Individual & Group Class

Different pace of learning of individual student is still an unresolved issue which is not address by education system. Moreover, mismatch between what is being taught in coaching and in School also affects a student’s preparation. We offer INDIVIDUAL CLASS as well as GROUP CLASS to solve these problems

Our Vision

Empowering minds, shaping futures: Our coaching institute is dedicated to nurturing holistic excellence. We inspire students to excel in their careers while instilling values that create compassionate, responsible individuals. Committed to the upliftment of mankind, we envision a world where education transforms lives, fostering a brighter, collective future.

Our Mission

Empowering through education: Our coaching institute is on a mission to equip students with skills for career success and nurture them into compassionate individuals. Committed to societal upliftment, we strive to instill values that drive positive change, fostering a generation dedicated to excellence and the betterment of humanity.

Why Choose Us

Why choose Aarambh Academy?

Choose us for personalized guidance, fostering career excellence, and nurturing character development. Our institute is dedicated to your success and shaping future leaders with integrity and compassion.

Peer & Intractive Learning

IITians And Medicos Are Core Faculty


Stress Free Environrment

Small Class Sizes

Result Oriented Curricurum

Regular Progress Report

Our Teacher

Good Education Starts From Great Teachers

Our biggest strength will be our faculty. Students at AARAMBH will be guided and nurtured by the team of IITians. We have IIT Delhi graduates as part of our core faculty team. Their experience and expertise will give students an edge over others.

Covid also taught that online classes are a good alternative to face-to-face learning, but they cannot beat those holistic benefits of later.At the same time, online classes provide flexibility also.Our classes will primarily will be face-to-face offline classes,but will be supplemented by recorded lectures. With time, we will introduce live classes component.

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